In 1992 local educator Bruce Vilders was seeking an outlet for kids to perform on stage. Bruce came up with a simple but powerful idea – producing a play at the Lincoln Theatre in downtown Mount Vernon. In those days, the idea of staging a play at the Lincoln was entirely new. However, after some discussions with the theater, a rental fee of $150 was agreed upon. Bruce then went about assembling a cast, building a set made up of cardboard pieces and selling tickets for $1.50 each. The Hobbit ran for two successful weekends and, thus, Theater Arts Guild (TAG) was born.

A lot has happened since that time. McIntyre Hall was built as a venue to support the arts, the idea of staging a show at the Lincoln has become common and TAG has produced over 30 shows that have been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of audience members, and has grown to become one of the largest community theater organizations in Northwest Washington. We would never have achieved this kind of success without the support of our community and the participation of the dedicated, passionate individuals who make up the TAG Family.

Bruce Vilders
The “TAGfather” Bruce Vilders

Listen below to a 2017 TAG radio interview with Bruce Vilders and Harold Page, or read the full interview text here: