TAG’s first show “The Hobbit” 1993 with Ross Mathews

The very first show for Theater Arts Guild of Skagit County, WA was “The Hobbit” in 1993. Directed by TAG founder Bruce Vilders and starring Ross Mathews as Bilbo Baggins. Can you find young Ross Mathews in The Hobbit cast photo?

What adventures have our other cast members had since 1993?

The Hobbit 1993 Cast List

Bilbo Baggins – Ross Mathews

Gandalf – John Dueringer

Thorin Oakenshield – Jerimy Saldivar

Elven Queen – Jennifer Zwick and Julie Rowan

Gollum – Cindy Peninger

Smaug – Gary Brown

Bert – Harold Page

Essie – Paula Slater

Tom – Julia Smith

Balin – Gillian Butler-Means

Dwalin – Ben Toomy

Bombur – Michael Byford

Bifur – Avram Eisner

Dwalin – Doug Zwick

Fili – Kris Gauksheim

Gloin – Megan Bolte

Kili – Kari Gauksheim

Dori – Rachel Clark

Nori – Krista Brown

Ori – Elise Stevenson

Bofur – Trevor Swedeen

Goblins – Tova Eisner, Whitney Kvasager, Jimmy Hannah, Paula Slater

Great Goblin – Julia Smith

Wood Elves – Cory Vilders, Erin Lowe, Keavy Landreth, Julie Rowan, Elizabeth Johnson, Rachel Vilders

Hobbit Lad – Whitney Kvasager


Rob Zwick, Bob Mortenson, Andy Mortenson, Becky Love, Jimmy Hanna Raushel Poling, Dena Poling, Matt Rolf, Angela Poling, Heather Poling, Debra Poling, Jessica Poling, Molly Murphy, Rob Rolf, Trey Hatch, Tunie Anderson, Bill Lowe, Erin Lowe, Rachel Vilders, Steve Fisher, Nicole Stevenson.


Dena Poling, Matt Rolf, Jimmy Hanna, Steve Fisher, Mike Eimon


Diana Crane, Norma Means, Lucinda Layed, Ryler Sterm.


Mary Ransom, Helen Saunders, Lynn Jacobs, Linda, Debra Poling.


Jane Vilders, Ginny Byford, Lynn Jacobs, Edith Anderson.

Dragon Handlers – Larry, Dan, Ted.

Stage Manager – Molly Murphy

Marketing Director – Lori Johnson Mathews

Assistant Director – Carmen Stevenson

Assistant Director – Mary Ransom

Producer/Director – Bruce Vilders


TAG 1993 The Hobbit

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